Lose weight by the ounce

Being Fat sucks! And the only thing worse is losing weight!

That’s me in 2020 ——-200 pounds of used KFC chicken

But how did we get this way?

Why am I gaining Weight? Simply because I am eating more than I need. And how did Ido this? I did it one ounce at a time! So, I must lose weight the same way — I must lose weight by the ounce..

Here’s a little look at my personal of my personal story……

When I was 26, I weighed 140 pounds. When I was 71, I weighed 200 pounds. That’s 60 pounds more. And to be honest, it’s not all muscle, or bone, or hair. It’s FAT. Stored energy. Or, as I like to think of it  – blubber. If the human race continues like this for another century, space aliens will be hunting us down like whales!

Lose weight by the ounce
I only weighed 140 in 1970

Let’s look closer at weight gain

60 pounds is only 960 ounces. 

960 ounces divided by 50 years is only 19 ounces a year. So I gained only 1.18 pounds a year.

That’s only 1.6 ounces a month

So, I arrived at this point by only gaining 1.6 ounces a month.

Considering that there is only about 3600 calories in a pound of body fat : 3600 x 1.18 = 4,248 calories a year. When you divide that by 365 that comes out to 11.6 calories a day!

Duh! That’s only one jelly bean a day of over-eating!

That is only one bavarian creme-filled doughnut a month! What?

The truth is most people’s bodies are very good at not gaining weight. But it can only do so much.

Another way to look at it is, one jelly bean a day!

Well let’s see what we have to do to start losing this actual pant-load of fat.

lose weight by the ounce without trying

Baloney! You have to try. If it was just going to fall off, it already would have.

There are only two steps to losing weight.

How much do we actually need to eat per day?

Step 1. We must calculate our BMR. This stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of energy you actually need to keep you alive while sitting on the couch binge-watching the Hallmark channel. ( this will ensure your brain is not burning calories with any important thought)

You can calculate this with an online calculator. A good one can be found at Calculator.net.

This is 1,614 calories in my case. Considering that I often do actually move during the day, like to go to the refrigerator or make a sandwich or walk to the McDonald’s my total calories burned for the day is around 2,000, maybe 2,100 calories. Anything more than that will be saved by my ever-efficient body storage mechanism for use on the day when I get no food.

I’m kidding, of course. That day has never shown up. By my estimate, I’ve stored up 91 days so far.

60 lbs is 216,000 calories.  Divide that by 50 years is  4,320 calories. Divide 4,320 by 365 days in a year and we arrive at 11.8 stupid calories a day or one Jelly Bean! Yet, It adds up over time. ( Did I mention that’s- ONE STINKING JELLY BEAN! )

Once you have calculated how many calories you truly need per day to maintain your weight, you move on to step 2.

One jelly bean a day,
lose weight a ounce at a time
One jelly bean a day for 50 years is 60 pounds!

 EAT LESS than your daily requirement and lose weight by the ounce 

How much less is up to you. It will, however, obviously influence how much you lose and how long it takes. But you must be honest with yourself. You can go on a diet and lose weight anytime. You know that. I know that , And we both know that, somehow, we’re going to gain it all back! 

I think the only way to really lose weight is to lose it like we gain it. Not a pound at a time, but an ounce at a time.

So, what does an ounce of extra food look like? 

An ounce of fat is about 225 calories. 

What do we consume that has about 225 calories?

1 plain Dunkin donut

1 boston-creme donut from Tim Horton

½ of a McDonald’s 12 oz. Frappe Mocha

1 Starbuck’s Vanilla Latte

½ of a Starbuck’s White Chocolate Creme Frappuccino

less than a bag of potato chips

2 pieces of white bread

2 bananas

3 large hard-boiled eggs

⅚ of a Snicker’s bar

3 chocolate-chip cookies

80 peanuts

41 Cheeze-Its

1-½ breaded chicken wings

1 cup of Great Value Neapolitan ice cream

You must see something on there that you could eliminate just once a day. That way you would lose weight by the ounce every day.

Eliminating just one thing a day from your normal diet won’t kill you. It won’t starve you to death. You won’t grow weak and collapse or go blind from hunger. What you will do is lose an ounce of weight a day.

An ounce a day is two pounds a month, That’s 24 pounds a year! you could lose.

Even if you can only do half of that, wouldn’t it be nice next year to be 12 pounds lighter?

Conclusion and review

STEP 1 :   Figure out how much you need to eat a day,

STEP 2 :   Eat an ounce less   (225 calories)

Now that I’ve written this, I might just try it myself!

lose weight by the ounce
Lose weight an ounce at a time?