Is God real?

Yes, is the short answer. God is real!

I’ve personally dealt with Him and received guidance, miracles, and an inner peace and security that simply cannot be explained by human wisdom. But perhaps a more pointed question is on your mind.

Does God love me?

Again the answer is yes. God loves you.

This is an important question to ask.

If, as Christians believe, there is a god and he actually wants to get involved in your life, shouldn’t we naturally wonder what he wants?

is god real
heaven is better than this?

Is he some big important all knowing show-off that just wants to run (or ruin) your life?

Does he really care about us or is this all a well-scripted play just to entertain himself?

Does he enjoy making up hundreds of rules to constantly remind us that we can’t keep them because we aren’t as “good” or as “smart” as he is?

This is what a lot of people actually think. But what if he really is concerned? What if, as he says, he really DOES care about our lives? Who wouldn’t want to have God helping him? Why would we want anyone less?

God is real and yes, God loves you

If we are going to believe in the Christian version of God, we are supposed to believe a few basic things. First, there is a God. Second, HE LOVES us and wants to help us. Third, He proved it by sending Jesus to make a way for us to receive his help.

This sounds a little strange at this point, but let me explain.

Imagine you moved to a new country. While there, you broke the laws of the new country in some serious ways. Oh, you didn’t mean to, but you definitely did. ( in Hong Kong you can go to jail just for spitting on the sidewalk )

Next, they arrested you, tried you, and sentenced you to death. Woah! You didn’t mean to do anything wrong or maybe you did, either way, you’re screwed. They are going to hang you!

Then along comes some guy you never heard of and he tells the judge, “hang me instead. I’ll take his place.” The judge says ok.

So this guy is hung up in your place. Then the judge says to you, “you’re free to go.” You are left on the courthouse steps wondering what just happened.

This is confusing to the natural mind. Why did this man, who you didn’t know from Adam, give up his life for you? Didn’t he enjoy living? Was he nuts? Or, was there a more profound reason?

What is Love ?

The story we read in the Bible tells us that God loves us. Ok. Great. But what, exactly does that mean; what is love?

Obviously, this is not referring to some sensual attraction or physical desire. Instead, it is more personal. In one example God shows that “love” is putting the other person’s welfare ahead of your own, of caring for the needs of your neighbor or even your enemy as much as you do your own needs and desires. “If your enemy is hungry, feed him

Now it is entirely possible to imagine yourself doing that because God said to, but to really mean it from the heart? Get real. To really want to provide for the life, well-being, and happiness of someone who totally hates you takes a much different mindset. It takes, just as a start, the belief that only God has the right to judge someone and meet out any punishments. Not us! We aren’t judges.

We are not in any way smart enough to really even comprehend what is going on in this world, let alone, know who is at fault.

God offers us a choice

God spent a good deal of time announcing the coming of Jesus. He, directly and indirectly, prophesied Jesus’ future arrival for thousands of years. He created all kinds of rituals for the Jews to follow that, in essence, explained just who Jesus was and what he was to do.

The basics are these: Jesus gave His life to pay for the laws we broke so that God would not have to punish us. And, by “punish” I mean kill, to utterly destroy us from existence. In doing this He set us free as if we had never done anything wrong. And why did He do this? Because He loves us!

What greater proof could He give us than this? Jesus did not regard his life as more important than ours. And because of His great love, God raised Him from the dead and gave Him control of everything.

But, let’s go back to our original story. What if, when we had been sentenced to hang we said ok and adamantly refused to let the other man sacrifice himself in our place? Well . . . we would be dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! There would be no hope for us. No more life – no more future.

We have to make the choice. Accept Jesus for who He is or accept death. And this death is the big time, forever, no changing our minds later, like when it gets hot.

God has a set a day, maybe today, maybe next year, we don’t know, when He will say “that’s it!” It’s time to end this. It’s time to judge the world. When that time comes, and the Bible says it’s coming at the speed of light, it will immediately be too late to change your mind.

Don’t wait another minute. You may not have it.

Jesus said that there are two kingdoms in this world, His kingdom and the other guy’s. (think Satan) You don’t want to be caught in the wrong one. There will be no turning back.

Accept Jesus today and let Him know (think prayer)

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to as many as recieved him, to them he gave the power to become sons of God.”

he who believes shall be saved, he who disbelieves shall be condemned,

for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have eternal life.