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Retirement Fears

Who isn’t  afraid? It’s a huge step. I was going to call this “Retirement, the final frontier.” turns out there are already at least a dozen other blogs with that title. Also, the idea of  “a frontier” conjures up a picture of a great epic battle against some foreign power. Knowing myself, I’m sure that, were a battle to ensue,    . . . .  I’d get my butt kicked anyway.  

So I’ll skip the allusions to Star Trek and get on with the blog.

retired and bored

Afraid to Retire  ?

Retirement is, in fact, just another chapter in the great book that is you, or in this case … me! (write your own blog)

Soon I’ll be joining that great tide of silver haired creepers we call the baby boomers. Shuffling along into obscurity, I’ll think back on the great music of the old days and pontificate to anyone who will listen about “those darn young folks.” I’ll whine that today’s generation are so inferior to “our” generation.

The government reports that 4 million people are retiring each year. This is over 10,000 each day. WOW! 

The average Social Security benefit check is $1,298.00 a month. (average for 43 million retirees)

Eventually, if I’m lucky, I’ll be sitting on my porch watching the cars go by and wishing I had the energy to chase one— pretty much like an old dog. (this one’s getting close)

But I’m just starting my adventure into obsolescence. I’m  still at the point of where I spend a little time everyday adding up the pennies and the potential retirement monies. It’s funny really. I keep thinking  that its going to add up differently today. . . . but it doesn’t! (darn public school math)

Worried about Retirement  ?

Me too. But I’m beginning to see reality. Even if I don’t have enough to do the great things I want to do in retirement, I have to get on with it. Along with limited funds I’m getting more concerned about having limited time. That’s the real kick in the butt! 

I heard a great saying the other day. “If you’re a lion, you have to to be faster than the gazelle or you won’t eat today. If you’re a gazelle you have to be faster than the lion, or you won’t make it today.

But whether you’re a lion or a gazelle, you’d better get up each morning and “get moving.” I think the universe was speaking to me. 

So, I’m going to take the plunge and retire. If I find I have to go back to work shoveling snow or cleaning fish, so be it  . . .  how bad can it be?

Hey, I’m working now!



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