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retired and bored

Not Retired and Bored

To keep from being retired and bored, I’ve made a list of things to do first in retirement.





  1. Thank God you made it. Take a moment and remember all your friends who didn’t live long enough to get retired and bored.
  2. Live within your means. In other words, figure out how much money you have coming in and don’t spend any more than that.  Yes. This means a BUDGET!
  3. Ask yourself if there is anything you’ve always wanted to do …. Oh yeah, DO IT!
  4. Get in shape. Lose the extra pound a year you’ve put on since high School. (and if you didn’t…. get out of here. Find another site to read!)
  5. Spend time with the people you love while you can.
  6. Remember, the next stop is Heaven,  so go to Church this week.


Retired and Bored ?

Are you retired and bored ?    You’re not alone. So are a few million other boomers.

There are plenty of things to do, depending on your health and your wallet.

The REAL question is  . . .  “what do I want to do?”

The REAL answer is . . .  “anything you want!”

If you are anything like me, that’s not  something that you’ve ever  really considered. You’ve spent all your working life just paying bills and putting out fires; solving the day’s problems while trying not to make any more. And now, here you are,  with nothing but time on your hands. And the clock is ticking.

I know I’ve spent a lot of years being not-retired and bored. The boredom comes from doing things you don’t really want to do, usually, just for the money.

Personally, I’ve figured out that every day I continue to work I will get another dollar a month of retirement for life. If I live another twenty years that amounts to 240 additional dollars I will get to spend in retirement for working that additional day.. ( in addition to my daily pay) The problem is that if I continue to work for 19 years, that extra day of work will only return me 12 bucks! There comes a point where you might as well hang it up.

The point is, your retirement years should be treated like the “valuable assets” they are. You must spend them wisely. You can waste them working or you can choose to carefully spend them doing something different.

So, … what if you look at it differently. Like   Forget Retirement !

retired and bored

How about a Senior’s league ?

Who invented this idiotic idea that when you reach a certain age you should quit your job and go home ?

Here’s a thought    ———–   Maybe it’s the guy that wants your job, or the company that wants to replace you with fresh legs and a young back or cheaper labor.


Let’s look at retirement for what it really is . . .  a job change. Nothing else


Unless you simply cannot continue to do anything, why quit and go home? You’ll only end up retired and bored.

So, if you’re going to make a job change, do something you want. We’re all just waiting anyway.


Fill your time with a new job you want to do.

Only you know what that is.

A quick search of online sites will lead you to numerous “lists” of great job ideas. Most are garbage. They have great ideas like be a “blogger.” Make thousands a year using your undiscovered professional level writing skills to create content for the masses.

The truth is, if you’re lucky,, you might make about $5.00 an hour for your time and very little satisfaction. (Personally, I’ve averaged about $1 an hour for my time)

If you really like creating a blog go ahead and try it.  Basically, I make nothing at this point, but I really enjoy it anyway.

Ask yourself ———- Is there anything you always wanted to try but couldn’t afford to?

Well, with  your Social Security and maybe even a little  pension to back you, GO AHEAD and TRY it.

Even if you still need to earn some income, you  probably don’t have to make what you used to.

The main point is this; Up to now, income was the main goal of your job. Enjoyment was secondary, sometimes even non-existent.

Make enjoyment the main goal. —————  Let the income be secondary.

Don’t quit….Change !

And if you find you don’t enjoy your new job as much as you thought you would……

Just try something else…...









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