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Is an RV the way to go?

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Retirement time can be the time to finally do the things on that you-know-what list. You know, hiking the Appalachian Trail or seeing the Grand Canyon. But for many  it’s hard to live  on the road and still keep up a place at home. The main issue that seems to confront most people is how to do one thing while holding on to another.

Making Decisions

If that’s your dilemma then consider retiring in an RV. The thing that makes it such a problem for most of us is money. (or should I say, lack of money)  On one hand you want to hang on to that big house the kids grew up in, just in case they want to come for a visit, and on the other hand you want to travel the world. The problem is, for most of us, the costs of keeping all our options open is just too much. Something has got to give.  But, if we are willing to make a few changes, maybe we can have more than  we think.

I’ve been reading up on one popular way that people escape the rat-race — living part-time ( or full-time) in an RV or a travel trailer. There are actually thousands of folks, young and old, who are living and traveling around the country full time in their travel trailers and RVs. Many have found ways to help pay the bills while on the road. Some write newsletters and travel blogs, while others edit websites that provide useful and up to date info for other travelers.

One adventurous couple, Marianne and Randy decided way back in 1999 to give the open road a chance and they haven’t looked back. Soon finding that if they were careful, traveling and seeing the world didn’t cost any more than sitting home and wishing you were traveling. Marianne writes on her blog that their total costs for 2000 were only $7,200.00. Wow! and that was for 12 months. ! I know what you’re thinking —that was 14 years ago. Well, in 2013 their monthly costs came out to only $1,400.00 a month.  Visit their website . You’ll find it’s full of information from their years of  first hand experience.

How to make extra income while traveling

Some are also finding ways to augment their retirement income by “work-camping“or working part time at the parks , usually in exchange for the park fees. There are many opportunities for people with skills.  And the skills can be as simple as painting or gardening. If you are interested, check out this sitefor a list of possible places to work.

If you are fortunate enough to have enough income to travel without working, everyday can be an exciting new adventure. There are parks from Alaska to the Florida Keys and all places in between. Many need seasonal help at various times of the year.

Some big casinos in Vegas even offer free parking to RVers. So, you can gamble of course.  But, nobody says you have to actually gamble. As they say, “what happens in your camper stays in your camper”

You can also cut costs by parking in National Parks.  For $80.00 a year (2011) you can get a pass”  that entitles you to stay in over two thousand different parks and  forests across the US.  If you are a senior, ( over 62)  it is even cheaper with a one-time $10 dollar pass for life currently available.  While these passes don’t always cover the cost of camping overnight in the parks, they cover the admission.

One helpful site is RV-life-and-Travel. Its packed with tons of useful information by other folks who have actually been traveling and living in their RV for years. There’s nothing like experience. Bob and Coleen Sykora have developed an excellent website that answers just about any question you could have about RV living.

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