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One Minute  to Health

one minute of exerciseOne minute of exercise? If you hate exercise as much as I do, you might be  interested in the results of a recent test at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.

They did a test comparing different types of exercise, specifically between 45 minutes of medium or moderate exercise three times a week vs a shorter regimen that basically boils down to a vigorous one minute of exercise three times a week. The result are startling.

They tested only about 25 young men but the tests were conducted in a solid scientific manor so that the results should be acceptable to the scientific community.

According to the study, as reported at  a New York Times Online blog call WELL, one minute of vigorous exercise provided the same results as 45 minutes  of medium exercise. I like that.  Who want to spend all that time sweating to the oldies. Most people don’t really like exercise and any way that can be shown to give you the same benefits as an hour of boring sweat in only  one minute of exercise is great news. 

I’m sure some folks are going to say “wait a minute.” That just can’t be true. But let me show you an example.

Remember when you were just a little kid and you wanted something? Your mother would often say, “wait a minute.”  When you were a kid, a minute seemed like an hour. Now that I’m in my sixties an hour seems to go by in a minute.??

Einstein said it best. Time is relative. So, perhaps one minute of exercise is exactly what we random seniors need.  Think about it.

It’s like comparing a one minute of full out running to 45 minutes of jogging.

For crying out loud who can’t give it a minute of effort?

If you like wasting time exercising as much I do this could be a game changer.

I’m going to try it for a while. One Minute of exercise. I figure if it doesn’t make any real difference, at least I haven’t wasted the whole 45 minutes. (I can catch up on some shows recorded on the box)

If you  can actually understand the scientific report  check it out at  PLOS






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