Random Retirement Idea 101


This is incredible!

Life is tough

My wife came up with an opportunity to house-sit for an old friend. They had to travel to another State and needed someone to watch their two little kittens … at their beautiful Lake Ontario beach house. It’s just for three days , but it’s beautiful, it’s oh so peaceful, and the cost is, . . .  well, zero. ( the Cheeze-Its  did set me back a little )

This got me to thinking. There must be other house-sitting gigs in the world.

For instance, someone living in France, in a old chalet, down the tree covered lane from the quaint winery and village must, at sometime, require the professional skills of a highly experienced “sitter.” Who better? I can feed the old cow or watch over the vineyard for a few days. And, if I have to stay in the beautiful renovated apartment over the barn to do it . . . I’ll make the sacrifice. I wonder if they have Craigslist in France?

I can watch cats, dogs, houses, birds, boats, but my specialty is big-screen TV’s.

If you have a large HD quality TV I will watch it like a hawk.

No one will take your TV when I am on the job.  I will even keep my eye on a well stocked refrigerator for NO additional cost.  I mean, the whole service is free anyway.

If interested, and you live in a great vacation spot,  please respond in the comment section

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