Visit Iceland – and don’t forget your wallet!
Sitting on the couch, somewhere between Alex Trebek and our pre-recorded HouseHunter International shows, my wife said wouldn’t it be great
Retired and Bored – What you can do today!
Are you starting to feel this way? Me too! In fact, in January of 2018, almost 59,000 people began receiving
Dear McDonalds
It is with much sadness that I feel the need to write you this letter. Please take it with your
Bar-B-Que House on Oak Island
Did you ever see a sign that you just had to check out? Most people nowadays when they hear”Oak Island”
Last Minute Trip Tips
One of the best things about being retired is being able to “just get up and go,” to make a
Wiring a Generator to your house – without blowing something up, hopefully
  I’m not going to tell you the Code approved way to connect a portable generator to your house. But
Random Retirement Idea 101
My wife came up with an opportunity to house-sit for an old friend. They had to travel to another State
The problem with retirement
The main problem with retirement is the actual word itself. “Retirement.” It sounds so final, ominous —- like the last stop
Retire in Medina – before all the cheap houses are gone
In Western New York, about halfway between Rochester and Buffalo, the quiet little Village of Medina rests along the banks of
Poor People
While pondering the idea of retirement in America, I started thinking about all the poor people in the U.S. who
Retirement, the final kick in the butt
Who isn’t afraid? It’s a huge step. I was going to call this “Retirement, the final frontier.” turns out there are already
One Minute of Exercise
  If you hate exercise as much as I do, you might be interested in the results of a recent test
Retirement Plans
A good friend of mine is retiring tomorrow. We have worked together for a decade and now he is hanging
What is Medicare
Medicare is a Federal Government program set up in 1965 by Congress to provide some basic health insurance coverage to older Americans.
The Default Position
Recently my computer did what most electronic things eventually do and instantly became useless. After trying all the usual remedies, I
Saving for Retirement at 60
I don’t know what your retirement savings are or how much you plan to save a year, but I do
What is the Average Retirement
If you’re like me you have spent your life in the shadows of society’s best: the best actors, the best entertainers,
Retire in an RV
Retirement time can be the time to finally do the things on that you-know-what list. You know, like hiking the Appalachian Trail or seeing
retire on a houseboat
Retire on a Houseboat
Recently I got a crazy bug to retire on a houseboat. As I was thinking about how much I would need to retire,
Retire in Bermuda – you’ll need a big fat wallet
My wife grew up near Buffalo, and to a young girl trying not to freeze to the toilet seat through
Considering the amount of time I spend dreaming about how to retire, many people would think I already was. But,
Retire in Santa Cruz
Retiring in Santa Cruz By Brandon Phillips Santa Cruz, a popular city near the ocean in California, is one of
Retire in Leicester
If you are considering retiring to the UK the city of Leicester could be a good choice. Leicester is a
Retire in Roatan
  Earlier this spring we took a Caribbean cruise. Of all the spots we visited, the one I’d really like
Retire abroad
  Whether you want to retire abroad in  Ecuador, Italy, or Thailand,  the choices for retired folks are endless. There are